Wirihana, Manukau City

Avant has partnered with Te Ākitai Waiohua and Special Projects Team to undertake this significant, 11 hectare, residential development.  Being part of the Crown land programme, Avant and the team are working closely with Government Ministries and agencies to deliver this project. 


Wirihana is a greenfield development site located only 1,200m to the south of the Manukau City centre.  When completed the project will have over 500 homes within it, housing around 1500 people.  Being a greenfield site, there has been close collaboration with the various departments of Auckland Council to include best outcomes for open and public spaces, as well as the existing natural features of the site.  Careful planning has been undertaken to ensure the infrastructure and traffic servicing of the site is efficient and to minimise impact on the city and natures resources.


Isthmus are undertaking the master planning and landscape design. Crosson, Sills van Bohemen and Brewer Davidson Architects are designing the buildings; with the other expert residential development consultants on the team they have been led to create a high quality suburban neighbourhood development.  Upon completion the development will contain a wide range of home typologies, such that a diverse community results.  Avant and the team are focused on providing a strong community, as well a quality built form development.


Being less only 1,200m from the Manukau City centre, and the very new Bus and Train stations within it, combined with an existing greenspace walk and cycle way through to the city centre,  a minimisation of carparking has been specified.  The ideal/objective being that future residents will utilse electric cycles and scooters to the city centre and its transport hubs for commuting where possible, lessening the reliance on private cars and the roading network.


Earth works consent has been issued, with work underway targeting a  commencement of earthworks in the coming earthworks season, followed immediately by roading and infrastructure in early 2020, and a build start late 2020.  First homes are anticipated mid to late 2021.