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Developing with purpose

At Avant we always consider more than the site and the opportunity to build on it. We look at how we can add value to people’s lives, as well as providing purchasers a unique, attractive, highly functioning and welcoming home to live in.

For example, we think about how we (and our project) can assist our city with the transformation of an older suburb. How an affordable housing project will support the government’s commitment to make first homes more accessible for everyday Kiwis. When we are working with our partners, how we can transform the land into desirable communities, and how we can provide best value to our partners.

Developing with purpose captures our culture of always undertaking development in a way that adds value to all stakeholders in the projects.

Designed for how New Zealand lives today

At Avant, ‘design-led’ has real meaning. It requires us to recognise the importance of urban design principles, architectural response and the future home owner’s needs, making these central to what we deliver.

We look at the historic aspects of any site and how these should influence the design. We look at the proposed built form to see how well it marries with its surroundings, making sure it looks as though it belongs, even though it is new. We look at the impact on the public realm, and what value we can bring, through design, to shared open spaces.

Design-led means the result will be beautiful, and in context with its location. It also means being timeless, giving pleasure for years to come. Design-led ultimately rewards the purchaser with a home they are proud of and love, and a community that nurtures them and adds value to their lives.

The best people with the best skills

Avant is a tight team of aligned individuals who bring their own expertise and skills to the business of development. This enables the team to share a common philosophy that drives the business and makes full use of our complementary skills during the development timeline.

Partnering with other highly skilled organisations is the other key to our approach. We look to long standing associates who bring industry-leading capabilities and experience to our projects, people who we know share our vision and our expectations around quality outcomes.

For us, consideration is given on every project as to who is the best partner to bring on board with us, to achieve the desired outcome of the project.


Mat Peters


Mat began his property career at an early age and now has over 30 years experience. Mat has a senior leadership role in the Avant Group direction. Using his experience to provide support in all facets of the development process. Specifically Mat leads project procurement, project concept, economic structuring and risk management.

Mark Peldmanis

Development Manager / Director

Mark’s experience spans more than 20 years, and has a proven ability to complete projects successfully, whilst establishing and maintaining rapport with all stakeholders.

Mark has contributed to more than 50 projects to date, containing over 8,350 homes in multi-unit residential developments​. He understands property development and the many facets involved, from project creation and definition, value enhancement, funding, sales and marketing, team management, stakeholder engagement, procurement and construction/delivery.

Mark has a strong passion for including best practice sustainability features within all aspects of our developments.

Jason Gray


Jason's background and commercial experience is highly varied with numerous years operating successful businesses, mainly in the aviation and tourism sector.​ Jason has had significant involvement in property development playing a key role in the Boathouse Bay and Kōtuitui projects, providing financial support and making good use of his long standing business relationships with banking and legal partners to assist with the management and oversight of the projects.

Megan Keating

Sales Management & Business Administration

Megan has a wealth of experience in the property industry which spans more than 27 years working for small and large construction and development companies.

Megan is also a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson. Her experience is broad, and incorporates home renovations, refurbishment of blocks and individual units, staging, interior design, selling, property management and project management. She has owned and operated her own businesses in a variety of fields as well as undertaken support roles for developers and construction companies throughout her career.

Megan has developed the ability to manage a broad range of tasks at any one time, with efficiency and a practical down to earth approach.

Kallam Brown

Development Manager

Kallam is a passionate real estate developer with experience that spans many aspects of property and construction .

Kallam has been focused primarily on the residential sector over the past five years, working on projects up to 2,500 homes in size.

From starting out as a consultant working for blue chip property companies across New Zealand to his current client/developer role, Kallam has a proven ability to lead teams of all shapes and sizes from project conception through to delivery and sell down.

Kallam has honed these skills via involvement with private and public organisations, local and central government, and multiple Iwi groups.

Brent Warby

CEO – Avant EPCF Construction

Brent brings more than 20 years of executive and senior operational leadership roles in the civil construction industry.

With a real passion for driving innovation and achieving continuous improvement, Brent strives to identify growth opportunities and deliver sustainable transformative projects.

Brent has played an active role in the New Zealand business community, including the Climate Leaders Coalition and Construction Strategy Group and has worked at all levels from governance to ‘boots on the ground’., bringing a pragmatic approach to all aspects of business.

Tom Kemp

Development Manager

Tom has a wealth of experience in the property industry across both the UK and NZ markets. As a trained valuer he has worked with private, public and Iwi organisations, specialising in delivering complex, urban regeneration projects.

This has given Tom experience of the entire development cycle from project identification through to completion and settlement of the final product. Projects include 200+ apartments in Hobsonville, 225 houses in Queenstown and 500 houses in Tamaki, Auckland.

Tom’s strengths lie in his ability to successfully navigate through the challenges and complexities of development to deliver high quality outcomes.

Eli Ghalayini

Project Manager

Eli comes from a consultancy background as a client-side Project Manager. This honed his skills in ensuring all construction projects under his supervision are streamlined, as he is able to identify risks and solve future problems ahead of time.

Eli emphasises the importance of procuring the best team suited for the requirements of each project. As such he highlights a thorough procurement method for contractors and consultants alike.

Eli has worked with many different levels of clients, from the “mum and dad” developers to commercial clients and through to government level organisations. ​

Gemma Ansty

Executive Support

Gemma has over 20 years experience providing executive support with the past 14 years working directly with Jason. Gemma’s background is varied with experience mainly in the real estate and aviation/tourism sectors. At Avant, Gemma provides a wide range of support to the team as required and in her spare time enjoys renovating homes & investing in real estate.

Cameron Prime

Civils Manager

Cameron is an experienced manager and leader in the civil industry with eight years of experience managing and leading a wide array of team structures. Prior to this he spent 3 years working full time “on the ground” in civil and earthwork environments. As a Project Manager and Area Manager he has successfully completed multiple large-scale projects with significant individual value and has led concurrent projects consisting of up to 7 individual projects.

Eva Zhong


Eva has worked in the accounting services for 15 years for both small and large sized businesses. Her experience includes managing accounts payable & receivable, payroll and development drawdown schedules. Eva’s work ethic and attention to detail ensures the smooth running of the day-to-day accounts. Eva is also responsible for general office management, including procurement.